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Welcome to G5!  Sound Principles for the Entertainment Industry

We are here to help in the betterment of the entertainment industry. Whether you have the need to fund
a Film, Television, or New Media Project - G5 can help!

At G5 Entertainment Group, we also specialize in producing films and have access to many top industry
producers and film crew veterans. From Production Managers to Principal Photography Directors, Assistant
Directors and Production Designers, G5 can guide your project from concept to reality skillfully and most
stay within your budget!

With proven and effective contacts in the distribution arena, G5 Entertainment can help make your project a
resounding success! Below are just a few of the sound principles that we follow at G5 for distribution that set
us apart from the rest to help you.

Customized Distribution Strategy
To create a strategy, you must understand what your goals & priorities are, identify your core audience, plan
the different versions of your film (theatrical, TV, DVD, foreign, educational), determine your distribution
avenues and release schedule, and identify potential partners for your project.

Expertly Identify and Assign Rights
Only assign distribution rights to partners that can handle the task well. If a DVD distribution company has
no experience in VOD distribution, then they have no business assigning the VOD rights. You must be careful
to limit the scope, term, and exclusivity rights granted to each partner you choose. You must also ensure that
rights given to any and all partners complement and do not conflict with one other.

Choose the right distribution partners
While distribution rights were often lumped together in the old era, it is crucial for today's filmmakers to think
about what distribution efforts they can handle themselves and what should be outsourced to whom and
which distribution partners. It's important to look at the films that have been successful as of late. We check
out their web sites and see how they've marketed their film.

Partner with Non-Profits and Online Communities
We can help you find Non-profit organizations which can be as indispensible as distribution partners. They
can build awareness among key core audiences by hosting screenings and promoting on their websites or in
publications. Online communities can also increase your film's buzz, audience, and sales.